Crafting Corporate Culture



The words and deeds of your employees should reinforce your organization’s values and objectives. So should your own actions.

Is there a values-driven culture at your organization? Are your leaders’ behaviors aligned with those values? Are yours?

Accepted behaviors and practices, productive and toxic alike, will influence your organization’s performance and the public’s perception of what you and your team stand for. It can play havoc with your recruitment or lead the cream of the workforce crop to your door.

Organizations with self-aware, culture-cognizant teams enjoy:

  • Mission-focused employees
  • Culturally-aware decisions, practices, and attitudes
  • Reputation aligned with aspiration
  • Strategic recruiting advantage

Susan will 
take a deep dive into your organization’s culture to discover what guides accepted behaviors and identify what needs to change in your organization.  


Susan draws on 25 years of experience in organizational effectiveness to council leaders and teams in “reading the room,” on signals leaders and employees send that influence the tone within and perception outside the company. Susan will identify your company’s guiding principles and values to determine if and where a shift is needed.

Susan is available for corporate culture training and professional assessment of cultural climate, including best practices and how to positively influence organizational culture among sales teams, customer service departments, leadership groups, and individuals.

Contact Susan today to schedule a consultation and assessment of your cultural climate and position your organization for success.