Customer Engagement



You only have one shot at meeting the high demands you and your customers set for your services. Considering the accelerating speed at which word of mouth travels, your customers’ experience is something you shouldn’t leave to chance.

The discipline of customer engagement works to develop the emotional connection between your customer and your brand. Highly engaged customers with a strong bond with a brand buy more, are more loyal and naturally provide the positive word of mouth that a business thrives on.

Businesses that create a positive connection while serving their customers reap big rewards as their customers recall how they felt when they used the company’s products or services. Companies that prioritize positive connections with their customers out-perform competitors’ sales growth by 85 percent.

Delivery matters. That’s just as true in fostering the customer experience as in special orders and take-out. Passionate employees encouraged to convey their own enthusiasm for your products and services create a great customer experience and confidence in the brand.

Emotionally connected and engaged customer service teams will:

  • Ignite and strengthen customer loyalty
  • Increase revenue
  • Improve employee retention
  • Inspire positive brand perception

Susan knows how to instill an infectious passion for your unique approach to delivering products and services to employees and customers. So can you.


Susan has spent 25 years as a customer experience consultant, training staff in customer service and developing strong customer experience plans that transcend businesses’ last contact with customers. She has created and executed successful customer experience plans and knows the ins and outs of effectively training teams to reliably deliver them.

Susan is available for training in and professional assessment of the customer experience skills of sales teams, customer service departments, leadership groups, and individuals. Contact her for advice on customer engagement and implementing customer service experience strategies.