Foster Mindful Communication



Communication is the lifeblood of your organization. Effectively conveying your goals, policies, and initiatives allow your team members to work in concert, with certainty and confidence.

Are your organization’s one-on-one performance conversations robotic, insincere and unproductive? Is information disseminated within your organization effectively?

Organizations that employ communication well enjoy:

  • Highly motivated employees
  • Well-informed, organized teams
  • Smooth, efficient lines of communication
  • Productive, engaging meetings
Mindful Communication

Susan knows the strategies that enhance business communication at every organizational level.

You can, too.

Susan draws on 25 years of experience in organizational effectiveness to council leaders and teams in a streamlined approach to meeting execution, ensuring discussion points and next steps won’t fall into a communication gap once everyone leaves the room. She provides detailed and valuable insight into group and individual meetings, correspondence, email and customer outreach, allowing companies to make their goals, needs, and initiatives clear, the first time.

Susan is available for training in and professional assessment of the internal communication skills and strategies of sales teams, customer service departments, leadership groups and individuals. 

Contact Susan today to schedule a consultation and assessment of your organization’s internal communication aptitude, and optimize your company for excellence.