Tell Your Story



Strong relationships are the foundation of teamwork. Excellent leaders know the members of their team, their talents, experiences, and passions. Exceptional teammates know each other well.

Learn to tell the story of how your personal and professional history has influenced and motivated your present. Telling your story makes you more human to your co-workers. This inter-personal literacy fosters trust and strengthens teamwork.

Organizations enjoy several benefits from interpersonally literate teams:

  • Stronger relationships
  • Better teamwork, collaboration
  • Trusting and trusted co-workers

Telling your story well gives you the advantage. Susan can help you tell it.


Susan draws on 25 years of experience in organizational effectiveness to council leaders and teams how to develop their interpersonal literacy. Susan can provide detailed and valuable insight allowing organizations to create teams that work well together with minimal friction and maximized fulfillment.

Susan is available for coaching in and professional assessment of the interpersonal literacy of sales teams, customer service departments, leadership groups, and individuals. 

Contact Susan today to schedule a consultation and assessment of your team’s interpersonal literacy aptitude, and optimize your company for success.